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( Born 1959 )

With the bold vigorous strokes in his energetic yet sensuous figures reflecting their abandonment & exuberance this magical painter creates a great sense of drama for the viewer, that you can almost hear the lilting strain of the music whether its his musicians immersed in 'Alaap', or the geity, rhythm & enthusiasm of the Dancing Women of Gujarat performing Garba, or whether it is his Masked figures concealing thir pain while laughing on the world's stage.The rich, subtle & diverse dimension of human reality are explored by with dramatic intensity.

The quality of his imagination strikes a refreshing defference as he paints a wide choice of subjects from a robust Matador in bull fight with a 'do or die' spirit to the dark dusky Indian beauties, the aesthetically done fisher women, to serious sensitive mothers clutching the young ones to their bossom...

Subrata's women are all of these - charming 'adorable, seductive, vulnerable...compassionate...as with great controlled skill lhe expresses their moods through their eyes, smile & open body language. Each canvass is an excellent blend of technique & feeling as it evokes a nostalgic mood, each element expresses and emotional involvment - such is the charm & magic of his canvasses just as overwhelming is the variety of his work done.

Undoubtedly a Master painter he is also a distinguished portrait artist, who paints in a mixed style within the broad expressionist format, standing firmly on the solid technical foundation derived form his traning in academic realism. brushwork ranges form smoothly realistic to the patchy impastos of vibrant expressionist bristles.

Born 1959 , FIRST CLASS FIRST in painting ( LIFE, NATURE AND MURALS ) Diploma holder from Government College of Art and Craft, Kolkata in the year 1980.

Ex-Assistant ART DIRECTOR of Ananda Bazar Group of publication, the leading Bengali news papers. Now working as independent full time artist.

If words could have been painted instead of being written that could have been a better phenomenon while commenting on Subrata Gangopadhyay's ouvres des arts. Perhaps, like all masters, Subrata is an artist-born, not made. A painter with immaculate vision, who can strike any chord of emotion of the viewer - connoisseurs at the layer, as he wishes it to be, with rare-o-magical skill of artistic execution. An all-along academic topper in his art institution, his rarity as an unfailing observer, as an editorial illustrator, a brilliant and magnificent painter and muralist, as he has so long exposed, be it a solo or joint show of works or a personal assignment, Subrata is a fastest runner with all conceivable ease.

The eminence of Subrata Gangopadhyay is visual rather than verbal, much like his ubiquitous imagery. Non controversial when they first appeared, Subrata stunningly spare define the potent, hip, and harsh aesthetic of the '80s

In his 47-year career Subrata made a clear imprint both of communications industry, particularly in Press and Publication and later the orbit of contemporary painting; He implemented a new expressions of form and colours that relied on visuals over language to deliver the message. Even as it delivers the thematic essence of its content.

Subrata first came into view in 1985 with his solo Exhibition of Drawing and paintings, at the Birla Academy of Art and Culture, Calcutta and the style were instantly distinguishable from the conventional images of the period. In his works, the poetic sequences with its reliance on visuals instead of dialogue, represented Subrata at its best. Instead of reductionism, the Subrata's desperately blatant detailed additivism left a permanent mark on the minds of art-lovers of Kolkata - and which still run rampant today.

Subrata's paintings are like celebrations of a great human survival. The uncommon vibrancy and stimulance of each stroke of colour, the passionate imagery of men or women are ageless and ethereal. That of a superior painter's creative latitude so incessantly prolific which never appears a clichØ or a repetitive chore, rather a new blooming, a new mystic exploration.

Greeted by the doyen Satyajit Ray himself, Subrata's magnificience in dramatization of Characters, was a right recognition.

Gangopadhyay's enormous Painting depicting long lost Bengal glories and realities are still preserved in the Banquet Hall, Bengal Club, Kolkata

Subrata was prestigiously offered to execute a few full bust of great Indian personalities from the Government bodies /Museums which may be found in the Victoria Memorial Kolkata

Subrata is the name of a successful episode and relentless performance, an icon of most popularly accepted imagist and visual poet, a triumphant royal router, loved and recognized by mentors and masters. An Artist and Sculptor combined, never weakened with bias or any clichØ, direct and predestined as he wishes his canvas to be .

Blessed with a rare capacity to depict this visible world, own surroundings, people and their living everywhere,palace to palanquin, dust to Shelter, the earth to heaven. Subrata creates and recreates new essences, love and solaces through his work for any viewer. In his paintings, Women are sometimes like lotuses in the evening lakes, often an unread beauty in the debris of mundane. A treasure on the sideways to eternity. The Nature surrenders to him whenever he takes up the brushes to paint his vision in renewed wrap and vibes and the visible world is taking rebirth in a significance of a true life surviving in the secret joy and the hidden bleeding.

Time will crown him, I strongly believe, to be one of the best painters of all times. All his works those are enjoyable for people living any corner of this world with no discrimination of belief, place and time,will be focused in a new light of appraisal,for sure.

Chronicler :

• An All along topper in Studies of Art

• Welcomed by one of the Leading Press

• An inborn Artist and Sculptor combination

• A talent proclaimed by the doyen Satyajit Ray

• High Achiever of a distinctive Lineage with unique identity as an Artist-Painter

• Values for his paintings depicting glimpse of everyday Ethnic imageries of human relations and deemed to be an 'Ode to Life'

• One of Most sought-after painter by Galleries and wide range of Industrialists and other buyers, NRIs personal collection at home and abroad.

• A popular icon, an imagist admired for certitude of Sale.

• Subject varies from Allegory or pastoral to romantic solitude to festive moods

• Women, children, men folks are in a living which are logistically brilliant and colourful.

- by Kamalaksha Gangopadhyay

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